Analog electronics: EE171 & EE171L, Summer 2017
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Last Update: 6 Sept 2017

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Lecture: MWF  Earth & Marine B214 9:00am - 10:15am
Laboratory: MWF JBE 150 11:00am - 1:00pm (MW lab; F lab/section combined)
Instructor: S.C. Petersen, Email Instructor
TA: Tae Sung Kim, Email TA
Office: TBA BE251

Midterm Exam: Wednesday, 8.2.2017 (takehome)
Final Exam: Takehome due the last day of class.

*ADD* Deadline: July 6
*DROP* Deadline: July 10
*WITHDRAWAL* Deadline: July 28

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8.8.2017 The Current mirror lab is due on Wed. 8.8.2017, but no later than Thursday.

7.28.2017 Hw-5 has been posted. The midterm will cover up to Hw-5 and be handed out in class and posted online next Wednesday. It will be due by Friday and may be submitted online.

7.17.2017 Hw-4 has been posted.

7.06.2017 Hw-3 has been posted.

6.25.2017 If you miss the first day of class, the homework due Wednesday will be posted under the Homework link.